My 2021 Highlights
My Mentee got into Stanford University... Hurray...
Every year the October month is a special one! It's time we celebrate the #hactoberfest event, thus, celebrate #opensource. This year, I have contributed and maintained a special opensource project...
500+ YouTube Subscribers.... Hurray
Did you know, how to merge two or more arrays in JavaScript? Here is an article I have published,
3K Fab Friends on Twitter
One year of @freeCodeCamp as an Author.
Completed this HUGE Milestone, 500K+ page views on my blog
My Article on JavaScript Sync Async got a mention on Quincy Larson's weekly newsletter
So 200 subscribers... Let's go stronger
Published a Youtube video,
2.5K Awesome Friends on Twitter
400K+ Page Views on My Blog:
2k+ Great Friends On Twitter
1K+ Sweet Friends on Twitter
PODCAST with Lee Ngo on "Finding New Passion in Blogging" Link:
Got promoted at Work @Microfocus
Great to have a mention on Quincy Larson's weekly email. It was for the
Crossed 100K Page Views on
300K+ Page Views on my Blog:
Followed by 3k readers/authors/friends on Hashnode. A great milestone for me as an author.
Reached 100 Subscribers on Youtube! That's Awesome :)